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Sandra Devito

Sandra Devito

Sandra Devito

PSP Program Educator


Email: sdevito@thecpca.com

Upon retiring from the NYS Courts, where I witnessed every type of endeavor known to humanity, I volunteered to work in the Personal Safety Program. I did this for three years before becoming part of the team as a Personal Safety Educator. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted as Coordinator. Our program empowers school age children to be the bosses of their body by speaking up against unsafe touches or bad secrets that make them feel troubled or worried. Children are taught it is never their fault if something like this ever happens to them. Children are taught, “stranger danger”, but usually are not told what to do if someone they now touches them in a way that breaks the rules of their Personal Safety. This is why the Personal Safety Program lessons are so important.

Statement: Every child deserves to have their mind, body and innocence protected.

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