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Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council


The Youth Advisory Council of the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is looking for a few young people to join in our mission to raise awareness of child abuse in Dutchess County.

Our council was formed in 2008 through a grant from the Dutchess County Youth Council. The goal of the grant is to integrate young people into community and organizational decision making structures and processes, to support youth-adult partnerships. Our main objective is to raise awareness of the Center and our programs in the community as well as assisting the Center’s Board of Directors in fundraising efforts and to participate in individual programming special events. You will be an advocate for children of Dutchess County and share with our board your perspective on how to better protect and serve the youth of Dutchess County. Your involvement and commitment would be to attend one meeting each month (excluding the Summer) as well as to help with the annual Gala in April and to promote child abuse awareness in your school.

In the Fall, the members work toward getting their peers involved with special projects (which the council as a whole decides upon) to raise money for individual programs at the Center. Past projects include a movie night at school, writing and recording a song for the Center entitled “Dream Big,” creating an informational video, “There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse” and our live concert fundraiser, “Rock for a Reason.”

Please consider your invitation to join our very special council, as it is an opportunity for you to help your peers and serve your community.


Amy Olson

Youth Advisory Council Chair



Go to the video page to see our CPCA “There’s No Excuse For Child Abuse” video and Youth Advisory Council CPCA Mobile video.