‘There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse’ Annual Gala


April 10, 2017
Contact: Valerie Bell
Phone: (845) 454-0595
Email: vbell@thecpca.com

The Center for Prevention of Child Abuse presents

‘There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse’ Annual Gala

Event is April 20, 2017 and will be honoring Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is pleased to announce its annual “There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse” gala and silent auction on Thursday, April 20, at 5:30 p.m., at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie. The Center is proud this year to honor Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro.

Dutchess County Government has been a consistent supporter of the CPCA’s mission in preventing child abuse and has committed more than $400,000 of assistance to date. This year the County budget not only includes two new prosecutors to combat child abuse and human trafficking, but also grants $14,000 for the Center’s Personal Safety Program and $25,000 to expand its Teen Parenting Program.

“Every year the CPCA serves thousands of children and families in Dutchess County, and Marcus Molinaro has been a tireless advocate,” said Mary Fleming, interim Executive Director for The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

As the CPCA looks forward to the future, it relies on community members to support the cause and help end the epidemic of child sexual abuse. Everyone is welcome to join the Center at its gala with the theme ‘There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse’, and help keep our children safe.

To purchase tickets or to learn more about the CPCA, please go to:

http://www.thecpca.com or call Valerie Bell at (845) 454-0595.

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About the CPCA

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is the premier organization in the Hudson Valley for children and family support, addressing the epidemic of child abuse and human trafficking through prevention services and education.  For over 40 years, CPCA has provided essential resources including court-mandated family intervention and counseling, educational training and support for parents of all ages, in-depth abuse prevention including in-school programs and advocacy, as well as programming focused on the overall care and support for children.  In partnership with State and local authorities, CPCA’s vision is to end child abuse and human trafficking, and to provide parents and families with the tools and knowledge to provide safe, caring and nurturing environments for their children.

Website: www.thecpca.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecpca.poughkeepsie

Our 2017 Commitment to Help Keep Families Together

As we say good bye to 2016, the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse has much to report and plenty to look forward to in 2017. We have worked hard throughout the past year to support and educate our community’s children and families, and be a part of helping keep many of those families together.

The CPCA board and staff are tremendously grateful to all of our donors, supporters and volunteers for sharing their time and resources with the families served by the CPCA.  Because of your generosity, the CPCA staff served over 20,000 children, parents, teachers, and other community members through our support and education programs in 2016. We are steadfastly breaking the cycle of child abuse in the Hudson Valley.

Special Needs Parenting conducted 2424 home visits for 82 parents and 116 children

Our Special Needs Parenting program has increased its home visits from 1590 in 2015 to 2424 in 2016

On Saturday, December 10, 2016 from from 9:30am-1:30pm, the Church of the Resurrection’s youth group hosted a holiday breakfast buffet for several of the families in the Special Needs Parenting Program. The gracious church volunteers prepared a menu included bacon, ham, eggs, blueberry and plain pancakes, bagels, waffles, coffee, tea and juice. Each child received gifts and participated in group activities such as making beaded candy canes and a snow ball toss. It is the most looked forward to annual event for the families in the program.

Parent Empowerment Program 663 classes attended by 1677 parents in 2016

Our Parent Empowerment Program now offers parenting classes in Fishkill, enabling parents in the Southern part of Dutchess County who struggle with time limits and transportation to attend classes.

Teen Parenting Program provided services for 84 parents and 76 children

Our Teen Parenting Program has increased the number of families they saw in 2016 to 84 from 71 in 2015. As the number of individuals we serve increases and the nature of the issues our children and families grapple with changes, the one thing we count on not changing is your increasing and continued support.

2nd Annual Teddy Bear Drive sponsored by Raymour and Flanigan on September 10, 2016.
Raymour and Flanigan in their efforts to brighten the lives of local children who have suffered abuse. Raymour and Flanigan have set up a teddy bear drive in their showroom for customers to drop of a furry friend for our clients at the CPCA.

Personal Safety Program saw over 16,000 children and almost 2,000 adults in 2016

Our Personal Safety Program staff educated children in almost every school district in Dutchess County as well as some in Ulster County, on keeping their bodies safe. Our goal for 2017 is to bring our message of safety to the remaining 2 school districts in Dutchess County where our program is not offered.

Enzo’s in Kingston NY on December 9th, 2016. The Personal Safety Program relies heavily on volunteers to Services, be able to present the program to every school in Dutchess County. This event helped Amy Quinn, Director of Educational educate a group of retired teachers on the program to see if anyone would be interested in helping out with the puppet shows! The program is so thankful for all of Dr. Lenore Maroney’s help these past years and her continued enthusiasm for the Personal Safety Program.

Human Trafficking/Safe Harbour coordinated services for 9 youth identified as high risk

The Dutchess County Task Force against Human Trafficking continues to work with our Safe Harbour Coordinator to identify youth who are trafficked, or are at risk of being trafficked in Dutchess and connect them with the help and services they need.

The Child Advocacy Center served 438 children and investigated 257 cases of alleged child abuse

The multi-disciplinary team that works at the Child Advocacy Center is committed to seeking justice for all children who are sexually and/or severely physically abused.

Change we know is inevitable. Staff at the CPCA constantly reviews and implement better, and more effective ways of helping families deal with the changing world we live in. Advances in technology are only one of the newer areas of concern for parents and children, and as we move into 2017, we renew our commitment as a board and staff to stay current and finding the best ways to inform and support families so that they stay together. I cannot reiterate enough that we would not be successful without your support. In 2017, we will forge ahead to fulfill our mission of preventing all forms of child abuse and maltreatment, and we will continue to be a source of support  and education for the families we serve.

The Annual WKZE (98.1) Holiday Party was hosted on Tuesday, December 13th at the Rhinecliff Hotel. The party started with delicious food and the guests brought in the night with music by Prof Louie & the Crowmatix. Guests were encouraged to bring along an unwrapped children’s toy to be donated to the CPCA and it was a complete hit! The radio station raised 188 gifts for the children this holiday season. On top of all this, WKZE accepted cash donations for Operation Warm, where the CPCA received 144 coats!

Holiday Party at Mahoney’s on December 16th, 2016

We are excited and invigorated about the coming year. Our annual Gala is planned for April 20, 2017 at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie, and we’re hoping to see you all there to help celebrate our honoree Dutchess County Executive, Mr. Marcus Molinaro.

You learn more and purchase tickets to the 2017 Gala and Silent Auction here.


Mary Fleming
Interim Executive Director

Mary Fleming named Interim Executive Director

Poughkeepsie, NY — October 16, 2016 — The Board of Directors at the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (CPCA), announces that after more than five years of dedication and service, Kathleen Murphy has stepped down as the Executive Director. Mary Fleming, Deputy Director, will serve as interim Executive Director while the board conducts a search for the new Executive Director.

“We are grateful for Kathleen’s leadership through a vigorous and successful Capital Campaign and enhancing the growth and development of our critical programs,” says Jennifer Selander chairman of the Board, adding, “Kathleen was a passionate voice for our mission of ending child abuse and will be missed.”

“We look forward the next chapter at the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse,” said Ms. Selander. “Its programs provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our community and its success is vital.”
Gloria Cukar, member-at-large of the executive committee, is leading the search for Ms. Murphy’s replacement and has engaged Carol Gordon Consulting to assist.

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is a private non-profit that has been dedicated to the reduction of child maltreatment since 1973. There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse.

Important Links to Help Prevent Child Abuse

Here is a list of websites for organizations that are focused on the prevention of child abuse.

CPCA’s Personal Safety Program to Receive $10,000 Grant!

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (CPCA) gratefully acknowledges a generous grant commitment to continue our vital work in Ulster County.  Carve for a Cause, a private foundation, will be awarding a $10,000 grant this October for The Personal Safety Program, which provides essential children’s service throughout the Ulster County community.

CPCA is honored to have the continued support from Carve for a Cause, and we are thankful for this grant which will enable us to continue providing essential services to children in Ulster County.

“Children Aren’t Playthings”

Please take a moment to read this piece written by our Marist College Intern, Lindsey Rock.

“Children Aren’t Playthings”

Sadly, human trafficking is becoming more and more prevalent within the United States. Political leaders, non-profit organizations, celebrities, and even the public are finally beginning to come together to take a stand. Bills are being passed, new techniques to help victims are being thought of, and awareness is at last being spread throughout states.

The House of Representatives have recently passed 12 bills that are aimed at human trafficking, especially child sex trafficking. While some of the bills did not get voted on in the Senate, there is still hope for change that one day they will become laws. The main purpose of these bills, according to Allissa Wickham, is to recognize the trafficked children as victims and not as criminals. A few examples of the bills passed include: H.R. 350 (The Human Trafficking Prevention, Intervention and Recovery Act of 2015), H.R. 181 (The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015), and H.R. 460 (The Human Trafficking Detection Act of 2015). H.R. 350 helps create methods to keep children away from traffickers. It also allows for grants to be made to provide housing for victims of trafficking. The H.R. 181 helps improve programs and services, especially deterrence programs. Lastly, the H.R. 460 gives training to special departments to help identify and stop trafficking. Some of the other bills that were presented were being presented for a second time. In the past, they were not voted on in the Senate so they decided to try again (“House Passes 8 Bills Aimed at Human Trafficking”).

The House of Representatives isn’t the only group providing a positive step towards the end of human trafficking. Many non-profit organizations are looking to help with the issue as well. According to Denise Nickerson from the Albany Bureau, Governor Andrew Cuomo is helping make this possible in New York State. Recently, Governor Cuomo announced that the state will be getting 6.2 million dollars in federal grants to be used specifically for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. This will be distributed to 90 organizations throughout New York. 30 percent of the money will be going towards victim services, 25 percent of funding will be going towards law enforcement, 25 percent will be going to prosecution, 15 percent of the funding will be going to discretionary funding, and 5 percent of the funding will be going to statewide courts (“NY Gets $6.2M to Help Domestic-Violence Victims”).

While the government and NGOs are helping significantly with anti-trafficking, celebrities are also taking a stand. PBS recently created a new series, “A Path Appears” that follows two reporters (Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn), along with many actors and advocates, to countries that are suffering with gender inequality and human rights violations. The first episode of this series was on sex-trafficking stories. Blake Lively and Nicholas Kristof visited an anti-trafficking organization called My Life My Choice in Boston, Massachusetts. During the episode, Lively says, “I have a new perspective of what it means to have your body sold in this country,” (“A Path Appears”). Hopefully, this will mean that she will help create awareness for sex-trafficking and influence other celebrities, as well as fans, to take on the cause with her.
The public is also finally becoming aware of trafficking. Before the super bowl there were many arguments as to whether or not trafficking numbers increase or not during this weekend. Many people believe the increase in numbers is a scam, however, statistics show that it is definitely not. Luckily, many people realize that there is an issue with trafficking during the Super Bowl. One amazing example, according to Julian Bach, is Shared Hope International’s new campaign. During the last week of January, small exhibits were placed in certain areas of Arizona. This exhibit consisted of a seven-foot tall pink doll box with “Children Aren’t Playthings” written on it. They obtained volunteers to stand in these boxes for hours upon hours (“Lifesize Dollbox Exposes Superbowl Fans to Sex Trafficking”).

There are many amazing things happening in the United States to help stop trafficking. Every little event and campaign helps to bring us closer to an end. Throughout the year, there are many events that can help build awareness and provide funds to services. While January was National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, February gives us National Freedom Day (February 1) and World Day of Social Justice (February 20).

-By Lindsay Rock
Marist College Intern

Who Is a Mandated Reporter?

With the start of school upon us, I thought that this was an apropos subject to write about. In New York State a mandated reporter includes teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, EMTs, day care center workers and police officers. For a complete list and a guide for Mandated Reporters, please visit www.ocfs.state.ny.us. All mandated reporters are required to call the Mandated Reporter State Central Registry (SCR) hotline at 1-800-635-1522. If a mandated reporter has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused, maltreated or neglected they are legally obligated to call the hotline.

We often receive calls at the center from mandated reporters asking us if they should call the hotline. The answer they are given is that if they suspect something, make the call! Please do not wait until the end of the day. The earlier the call is made the quicker a Child Protective Services (CPS) worker can be assigned to the case if an investigation is warranted. If the suspected abuse is happening at the hands of a person who is NOT the parent or person legally responsible for the child, contact your local law enforcement agency. If the child is in immediate danger, call 911 right away!

I like to think that we are all mandated reporters. However, until the law is changed in New York State, this is not the case. If you witness or hear about a child being abused, maltreated or neglected and you are not a mandated reporter, please call the public hotline at 1-800-342-3720.

Some of you may be thinking if you make a call to report a neighbor, a friend, or maybe a relative, that you will be turning that child’s and their families lives upside down. This not always the case. When CPS becomes involved it is to help the child and their family. Unless the abuse or neglect is so severe that a child is considered in immediate danger, it is unlikely that a child will be removed from their home. Preventive services are often offered and put in place to help the family stop the abuse, neglect of maltreatment from continuing.

The center is here for the community to use as a resource. We are more than willing to answer your questions. In this case there are no silly questions or questions that are too small to ask us. We would prefer you to call us then just ignoring a potential problem. We can be reached at 845-454-0595. Please keep in mind, that most often a child will not or cannot speak for themselves. It takes all of us to keep our children safe! As Nelson Mandela so aptly put it, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

So what is the answer to who is a mandated reporter? Legally, it is the posted list found at www.ocfs.state.ny.us. Ethically? I think you will find the answer by looking in a mirror!

A New Home to Better Serve the Community

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2013. The Center started out as a Task Force in 1973, and has grown into a Center that serves over 15,000 Dutchess County residents each year. We are about to go through another change! We need to move into a larger facility in 2013.

Our new home will be a 7,000 square foot building that will be handicapped accessible. It will also allow for more services to be provided under one roof to children who have been abused. And it has become a true community project. Here is a list of a FEW of those who have already contributed to our new home:

The Dyson Foundation The Kaplan Family Charitable Foundations
Millbrook Tribute Garden The Kirchhoff Family Fund
Ulster Savings Foundation M & T Bank Foundation
The Vanikiotis Group Rhinebeck Bank
David and Mary Ann Silver Ms. Eliza Thorne
The Selander Family Foundation Lawrence and Melinda Weisberg
Dr. Art and Carol Menken Roseanne and Teddy Vanikiotis
Oakleigh B. Thorne John and Nancy O’Shea
The Ronald McDonald House Charities

In the coming months you will be hearing about a number of ways in which you can help us move into our new home. For example, our good friends at the North Road Home Depot will be holding a Walk-A-Thon for us. The Renegades have also come on board to help us hold events at the Dutchess Stadium. Another good friend from Marist College, Professor Elizabeth Purinton-Johnson, has created beautiful bracelets for us to sell (see them on our website) and Ms. Carolyn Steele will be creating tiles from children’s art work to be hung in the new Center (see the website posting soon).

Child abuse is a community issue. The only way to end child abuse is to come together as a community to educate as many members of our community as possible; to intervene whenever community members know when a child is being harmed; and to prevent child abuse before it happens in our community. Please help us and join the other members of your community and donate to our Capital Campaign. Together, we can end child abuse!

Thank You!

Thank you to the community for coming out to our yard sale! We raised $3,000 for the children of Dutchess County. We thank everyone on their behalf — we’re able to continue to do our work in the community because of your generosity!